Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Dead at 46

Famous Ex Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has passed away. The married father of two died after 18 months of battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer known as Liposarcoma. He was first diagnosed in 2014.

On May 28th, Ford would have been 47. His family announced his death on Tuesday and described the former mayor as a “dedicated man of the people” who lived his life to serve the citizens of Toronto.

rob ford dead


Rob Ford was a man from a wealthy family who had a working-class attitude when it came to his political career. As a cost-cutting advocate, he promoted to expand the subway and was more interested i coaching high school football.

Despite his inexcusable and outrageous past behavior, Ford united the people of Toronto and many were genuinely sympathetic and responded with outpouring support when it came to his battles with alcohol, drugs and cancer.

In the fall, doctors had found two new tumors on Ford’s bladder according to his brother Doug Ford.

Rob Ford is survived by his wife Renata as well as their two preteen children, Stephanie and Doug.

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