Is Beyonce Using a Surrogate to Have Her Twins?

So Beyonce is having twins and everybody is going crazy. Some people are saying that Beyonce is using a surrogate to have her twins. Remember when her stomach deflated on national television? Sitting from where I am sitting it seemed kind of odd. Do pregnant bellies really just deflate like balloons? I’ll leave the answer to you. The skeptics are speculating that Beyonce used a surrogate to have Blue Ivy and also using yet another one to carry her twins. This is again just speculation by the public.

beyonce surrogate

Don’t know about you, but her baby bump looks pretty real to me!

Word is, she doesn’t want to mess up her body through childbirth. As we all know, once a woman has a child/children, her body never looks the same again. So people are saying she is using a fake baby bump to avoid suspicion from the public eye. Again, my opinion on this is that its speculation and not proven.

So do you think Beyonce is using another surrogate to carry and give birth to her twins?

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