BIG Win: Zhe Wang Wins $64 Million on the 6/49

So Zhe Wang is one very wealthy woman! She won $64 million dollars in the largest Canadian lottery jackpot in Canadian history! This lucky lady did not have to share her win with any co-workers or any other lotto ticket purchased within the country.  This is in Canada so she will be taking the entire $64 million home with her and safely in her bank account.

She is the only winner in the Lotto 6/49 for a draw that happened in October 2015. Wang bought her ticket at Petro-Canada in Mississauga’s Artesian Drive .

zhe wang lottery winner

At this time, she has decided not to do a news conference since it is not mandatory.

Before Want’s big win, the largest lotto jackpot won in Canada was shared by four winning tickets. The amount was $63,413,885

Wow! $64,000,000 dollars!What would you do with $64 million dollars? Would you change your name? Move out of town? Disappear for a while? Hire bodyguards?…I know I would!

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