The Good Wife Final Season in 2016

The Good Wife is coming to an end. The highly rated courtroom drama is finally bowing out with the final season scheduled this year.  The legal show is ending after 7 season. This is after a few memorable characters already left the show.

The show although a favorite of many has never been the same ever since Will and Kalinda left. – Oh and the notorious Lamond Bishop anyone?!

the good wife ending


Sometimes although sad, its good to see a show leave while they are on a high as opposed to ending the show after its lost ratings and people have tired of it due to a declining story-line.

I have been following the Good Wife since it started back in 2009 and would have to say that as much as I will miss my ‘Good Wife’ marathons the show’s creators are making the right decision in ending the show while still on a high.

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