Selfie Death: Indian Teen Accidentally Shoots Himself

Ramandeep Singh an Indian teenager has died after he accidentally shot himself with his father’s revolver while he was taking a selfie with a gun. The 15 year old boy was taken to the hospital emergency room, however, he died because of severe head injuries.

The accident happened at his home in the north city of Pathakot. Ramandeep went to take a cellphone selfie while posing with a .32 bore revolver belonging to his father. His family reported that he accidentally fired a shot that killed him. The gun’s safety was not in place.

death by selfie

India had the highest number of deaths resulting from selfies in 2015. This year a few people were killed in incidents such as: Taking selfies in front of railway tracks, with dangerous animals etc.

Mumbai Police have identified 15 dangerous no-selfie zones all over the city.

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