Scottie Pippen Divorces Trophy Wife Larsa Pippen for Cheating

Retired Chicago Bulls NBA player Scottie Pippen abruptly filed for divorce from his third wife Larsa Pippen amidst rumors that she has been cozying up with another much younger rapper while still married to him. Word on the street is that Larsa Pippen has been allegedly cheating on her husband Scottie Pippen with the rapper Future!

She’s been taking private jet rides and spending time alone with him, including taking a trip to Las Vegas at one point! People have also reported to seeing Larsa and Future hanging out together in Miami.

Larsa claims that the rumors are not true. However when it comes to such things, I am a firm believer that where there is smoke, there’s some fire.

scottie pippen and larsa

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After 4 kids and 19 years of marriage, Sottie and Larsa’s marriage is over. Even with the cheating rumors, the couple’s union wasn’t exatly blissful. On October 1st, police were called just before midnight to the Pippen household. When they got there, authorities say that Larsa and Scottie had previously been involved in a very ”heated argument” however, the argument was not a physical one.

Larsa spent the night somewhere else even after Scottie suggested for her to come back into the house and offered to go stay elsewhere if it made her more comfortable.

The Fort Lauderdale police told PEOPLE magazien that no arrests were made that day.

Another 2nd Incident happened less than a week later on October 4th when police were called back to the residence for yet another domestic disturbance incident. The details on the second incident are not available to the public.

At this time, the couple hopes they will do their best to co-parent their four children.

I guess that is what happens when you marry a trophy wife. Even though Scottie Pippen won six NBA titles in the 90’s alongside basketball legend Michael Jordan. Was named the NBA all star 7 tiemes and won the MVP title in 1994, once the relevance, and the cash coming in isn’t what it used to be, – the trophy wife leaves for greener pastures.

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