Malia Obama is Going to HARVARD!

The cat is out the bag, President Obama’s oldest daughter Malia Obama is going to Harvard in the fall of 2017! She has decided to take a gap year after she graduates from the Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC where she is a senior this year. Cambridge, Mass is her chosen school.

The teenager has visited a few dozen elite private and public colleges, including New York University, Stanford, Tufts, Berkeley, Barnard, Princeton ( where first lady Michelle Obama went), Columbia (where Obama earned studied and received his bachelor’s degree), Yale, Brown and Wesleyan.

Both Barack and Michelle Obama are graduates of the elite Harvard Law School. Michelle graduated in 1988 and Barack in 1991. As an undergraduate student, President Obama attended the Occidental College before he transferred and graduated from Columbia in 1983

malia and sasha obama

US Senator Barack Obama and his daughters (left) Malia, 8, and Sasha, 5, clean the dishes after breakfast at their home in Hyde Park – a suburb of Chicago, IL. The girls were getting ready to go to school.

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In the fall of 2015, the president remarked that he was not pushing Malia in any specific direction. He said the following at a  Des Moines, Iowa town hall on the price of college and its affordability: “One piece of advice that I’ve given her is not to stress too much about having to get into one particular college,”…“There are a lot of good colleges and universities out there. Just because it’s not some name-brand, famous, fancy school doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get a great education there.”

malia obama all grown up

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The 17 year old has lived in Washington, D.C. since her dad, President Obama started his  initial presidential term in the White House back in 2009.

Dad seems to be having an issue letting his little girl go as he passed on speaking at Malia’s graduation ceremony because he knows how emotional he is going to get.

“Malia’s graduating in June. I can’t talk about it,” Obama said at a luncheon in Detroit this January. “They’re going to leave their daddy. It’s shameful!”

He also added: “I’m going to be wearing dark glasses … and I’m going to cry.”

The Obama’s do not have an empty nest yet since their youngest daughter Sasha is still three years away from graduating high school. So even if Malia decides to leave home for her gap year, there is still one daughter left before the nest is empty.

At the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner this Saturday, President Obama said that the family will not be leaving D.C. immediately. They want to stay until their youngest daughter finishes high school. Then after that, who knows! Perhaps California or wherever their hearts desire.

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