Jay Z and Beyoncé Marriage in Trouble?

A source has said that Beyonce and Jay Z are not the couple they present themselves to be to the pubic.  During a recent dinner, the two hardly spoke to one another. It seems that the only time Beyoncé spoke to Jay Z was to complain.

Her main complaints included the food that her husband had catered, she said that it was not her people that prepared the meal. A source has told Radar Online.

“Jay Z was really dismissive towards his wife all night long and even disappeared before all the guests left the dinner party. ”

beyonce and jay z divorce


The source goes on to say that Beyoncé  is moving towards a divorce with Jay Z and as a matter of fact the couple is living in separate areas of their Beverly Hills mansion.

Dr. Lillian Glass, who is a well known body language expert even commented that both Jay Z and Beyoncé  are miserable together based on their body language.

In a March 11 interview, she said the following: “They have never looked so disconnected before and it is painfully obvious that they are both just beyond miserable.”


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