It’s Official! Shemar Moore is Leaving Criminal Minds

The cat is out of the bag, Derek Morgan (aka Shemar Moore )is leaving criminal minds! If you have been asking yourself whether or not this is Derek Morgan’s last and final season on Criminal Minds, the answer is a sad yes. Shemar Moore who plays Morgan on the show has decided that after 11 years and (more than likely) 103 broken doors and 214 tackles, he is ready to bow out gracefully from the show.

criminal minds shemar moore leaving


If you are a Criminal Minds fan then this is a sad time. It’s always hard to see a character you love leave a show. But at the end of the day, actors are people too and they also want a chance to try something different when it comes to their lives and careers. What’s next for Shemar Moore? The actor plans to travel the world, perhaps get married and have kids! He also plans to continue acting of course just not on Criminal Minds but on other shows/movies.



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