Friendly Exes? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Usually when there is a divorce, people would expect bitterness and nothing but drama. Not when it comes to Ben Affleck and his soon to be ex wife Jennifer Garner. Ben has nothing but support for his ex wife and he follows her lead when it comes to parenting

For the sake of their three children the pair is keeping things positive and not at each others’s throats. When it comes to marriage and children, nobody knows the end result and its great to see the pair handle this in the most mature and adult way possible.

ben affleck jennifer garner

He has praised his wife for her parenting abilities and acknowledged the work it takes to raise children, seeing as he is the one actively filming and directing movies while his wife stayed at home mainly with the children.

Affleck also referred to his wife Jennifer as a ‘superhero mom’.

Marriage is definitely a gamble and now that its over, the best thing that these two can do is continue on with their lives and co-parent peacefully. After all, once you have children, they are the number one priority!


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