Calvin Harris Broke up With Taylor Swift!

Another one bites the dust as Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Calvin Harris have gone through a break up. The famous singer 26 year old singer & songwriter and well known 32 year old DJ have chosen to go their separate ways after 15 months of couple up bliss. It is just recently that both were photographed happy and in love on the beach laughing and having fun on an undisclosed and private tropical location. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is Taylor’s longest lasting public relationship.She has dated all types and hopefully she now knows what she wants or is looking for in a man so that when she does find him, she will get the right one for her.  Word is that Calvin Harris is the one who broke things off with Taylor Swift.

Due to her fame, she is sadly destined to have only high profile relationships, even though she might try to date quietly, that will never happen as long as she is Taylor Swift. Its much harder to have a lasting relationship with outside pressure and stress of people always prying in. She’s a talented singer and songwriter, famous and wealthy, -yet love alludes her. At the end of the day we have to remember that celebrities are human beings who also have their ups and down, they fight, they find out they are not meant to be, and they break up.

taylor swift and calvin harris breakup

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Just because you have money and fame, it doesn’t mean that you will find true love that lasts forever. – For goodness sake, look at the divorce rate in Hollywood. -Even though regular people have a high divorce rate ( something like 50%), Hollywood has to be somewhere at 70% divorce rate. I can barely keep up with who has dated who, who is divorcing who, which celebrity is trying to bankrupt their ex husband for child support and alimony etc.

For one, I am not surprised at all whenever celebrities break up. Their lives are waaaay more chaotic and busier than many regular non-celebrities. They travel a lot, tour the country and outside the country, film at different locations all over the world…The list goes on.

I am wishing both Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris happiness in love and in life. Maybe they might get back together and be the boomerang on/off couple, -but perhaps they will move onto other people. Relationships are a lot of work especially if you are with the wrong person. Maybe they realized this is the case and called it quits. At the end of the day, its as simple as: Sometimes things are just not meant to be.

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