Brittany Murphy’s Suspicious Death

In 2009, Brittany Murphy died of an ”accidental death” . Although its been six years, the case could still be reopened due to its suspicious nature. At only 32 years old, she was young talented and an actress who had been fortunate enough to be cast in a few successful movies in the 90’s and early ’00s.

Her death came as a shock for many of her fans and most of them never really accepted the accidental death ruling by the coroner. Persistence from fans and those who loved Murphy might pay off. According to LA County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed winter, a few conditions may need to be met first before the case is even considered for a reopening.

brittany murphy death


Despite the first reports that Murphy’s death was due to a combination of anemia, pneumonia and multiple drug mixing, her father Angelo Bertolotti took matters into his own hands in 2013 when he commissioned a private lab to test her hair. The lab results were nothing short of shocking. Rat poison and heavy metals were detected in Murphy’s hair leading to Bertolotti’s conclusion that his daughter died a suspicious death. He is quoted having said, “I have a feeling there was a definite murder situation here. Yeah, it’s poison. Yes, yes, I know that.”

The heavy metals and poison detected in Murphy’s hair were not enough proof for the state to conclude that they had a murder case on their hands. Its said that the same metals found in Murphy’s hair can also be found in regular hair dye. The state concluded that the heavy metals they detected were not enough to warrant reopening the case at the time and having a second look.

If the case it to be reopened in 2016 and beyond, its going to take more than heavy metals and speculation to do so. Law enforcement would need something more solid such as a confession or another piece of evidence that would connect a specific somebody to the death.

So will the Brittany Murphy case be reopened? Only time and additional evidence will tell.

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