Beyoncé Lemonade Reaction

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Beyoncé has released Lemonade. Its her sixth studio album by the popular singer and entertainer. On Saturday Beyoncé finally shed light on the speculations and rumors surrounding her marriage to husband Jay Z. In Lemonade, she accuses her husband of cheating, lying and taking her for granted.

In Lemonade, Beyoncé really showed her vulnerability as a woman who is beautiful, yet unable to harness the love she wants to have from the person who is closest to her. Here is a sample of the lyrics accusing the way she was feeling: “What a wicked way to treat the girl who loves you.” “You can taste the dishonesty . . . It’s all over your breath.” “Tonight I regret the night I put that ring on.”

I wonder how Jay Z was dealing with the not-so-subtle accusations in regards to his alleged infidelity…

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This is the part where I think that Lemonade is a Jayz and Beyoncé publicity stunt whether the story is truthful that is neither here or there. Jay Z knew about the creation of the Album and the lyrics. He approved all the songs before they were released. It can be argued that her husband is an artist and sees nothing wrong about his wife’s self-expression. However, I would have to say that Jay Z and Beyoncé are both very smart business people.

In the end, they are a megastar couple that went through a hardship but they also saw a way to capitalize on that. They see dollar signs and why not make some money while also working through the difficulties of a high profile marriage.

One thing I would really like to know first and foremost, who is the real “Becky with the good hair”! Reveal yourself for goodness sake!!

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