42 Year Old Sues 86 Year Old Sugar Daddy for $1.5 Million

A wealthy 86 year old New York art collector is being sued by his 42 year old girlfriend Daniela Zahradnikova. She is suing him to try and get financial support for the rest of her life. In court papers, she states that in 2006 her and her ex-boyfriend Henry Buhl put together a ‘partnership agreement’ after she moved in with him into his Manhattan loft.

She said that she had agreed to fulfill all her wifely obligations and duties in the domestic sense such as cooking, cleaning and having lots of sex. Buhl in turn allegedly agreed that he would support and provide for her according to his earning capacity.



Zahradnikova says that she maintained her end of the deal and was consistent in maintaining an intimate relationship with her sugar daddy… That is until he started seeing another woman.

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